Remote work and home office: what are the characteristics of each work model?

Remote work and home office are two new work arrangements adopted by many companies, and these models have differences between them. Do you know the difference between remote work and home office? At first glance, these concepts may seem similar. However, they have distinctions. In this context, it's essential to have [...

How to Use Technology to Optimize Hybrid Work?

Technology Contributes to Enabling Hybrid Work in the Daily Operations of Companies. How Can We Harness Technology in Support of the Hybrid Work Model? We know that this mode of work has been on the rise and is already a well-established trend in the market. However, many companies have not yet fully adapted to it [...]

Corporate Culture: What Is It, and What Is the Importance of This Practice?

Corporate culture involves a set of values shared by members of an organization. Do you know what organizational culture means? Understanding this concept is essential for the development of an environment that fosters business growth. This issue is relevant to various industries and market segments. Given [...]

5 Best Practices for Managing Teams in the Hybrid Work Model

The hybrid work model presents an opportunity to combine the best of remote and in-person work. Fueled by the pandemic, this model appears to have broad and long-term appeal: in an Accenture survey from March 2021, with over 9,300 professionals worldwide, 83 percent of respondents said they would prefer [...]

What to Do When Your Team Is Dealing with Digital Burnout

Pandemic fatigue is a challenge most companies are grappling with now. As we approach nearly twenty months living in the shadow of the virus, people are tired and frustrated. It's been two years of concern, discord, political turbulence, [...]

How to Create an Effective Management Model for Hybrid Work

We've already discussed here that hybrid work is the preferred model for the post-pandemic era. This model combines remote work with in-person activities. In it, employees can blend days of working from home with others in the office. The hybrid model is [...]

Key Mistakes That Hinder Internal Communication

Companies that do not invest in this area are acting mistakenly and likely making common errors. Check below to learn how to recover it to improve the corporate reality. Every organization is made up of individuals with various personalities. Keeping them engaged and aligned with the purpose is not an easy task. That's why [...]

Workplace Health and Safety: The Role of Ergonomics

In a time when valuing employees is essential and indispensable, neglecting their well-being and health is undoubtedly jeopardizing investments and not just outcomes. Given the pandemic scenario in which the economy is unstable, productivity and [...]

Workplace Flexibility: Learn How It Can Benefit Your Company

This practice has been gaining significant traction in the corporate world. Understand how it truly operates. The strict adherence to schedules and the productive routine has been reevaluated within companies in recent years. The traditional work model no longer satisfies the Millennial generation. This deconstruction [...]

Companies' Return to In-Person Work: How to Prepare

The need to return to in-person work requires companies to adapt to the new reality, from the selection of employees to the conditions set by the Health Department. The easing of social distancing measures in the country is prompting many companies to return to [...]

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