Workplace Health and Safety: The Role of Ergonomics

In a time when valuing employees is essential and indispensable, neglecting their well-being and health is undoubtedly jeopardizing investments and not just outcomes. Given the pandemic scenario in which the economy is unstable, productivity and [...]

Workplace Flexibility: Learn How It Can Benefit Your Company

This practice has been gaining significant traction in the corporate world. Understand how it truly operates. The strict adherence to schedules and the productive routine has been reevaluated within companies in recent years. The traditional work model no longer satisfies the Millennial generation. This deconstruction [...]

Companies' Return to In-Person Work: How to Prepare

The need to return to in-person work requires companies to adapt to the new reality, from the selection of employees to the conditions set by the Health Department. The easing of social distancing measures in the country is prompting many companies to return to [...]

Feedback: The Importance of the Tool That Bridges the Gap Between Company and Employee

Feedback is nothing more than a form of communication. Leaders or members of the organization, to themselves or others, have the role of providing a message pointing out strengths, weaknesses, and [...]

Generation on the Move: Learn How to Relate to Each Generation

Due to being born in different decades, the behaviors of Generations X, Y, and Z vary. Keeping up with these changes can be a marketing advantage. You've probably heard stereotypes like 'Generations X and Y are lazy and bored' and 'Generation Z loves the internet and nature.' But, how are these [...]

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